How to Change Age on Tumblr

Its known factor to all, we can’t get all restricted and adult content and posts if your age below 18 on Tumblr account. I also faced this issue like I added my exact date of birth while creating account on Tumblr where it doesn’t meet 18+ as per current date so I lost so many restricted posts to see on my timeline.

Note: Tumblr is no longer to change safe mode changes and adult content from December 17, 2019.., officially has given... keep in touch with us to know when they return this option

change age on tumblr

I asked so many experts and took help from support team and so many ways but it was not changed. Then I came to know that there is no option to change age once you created on tumblr account. So I am posting here to tell i.e. don’t waste your time for searching and asking for how to change age on tumblr.

Then  How ?

But we have a solution to get all restricted posts on our account also without changing age. It is nothing about safe mode on tumblr. You will get all sensitive and adult content and posts on your timeline also If you turn of safe mode on tumble account

Live Demo


How to Turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr 

Go through this article link to get know about how to disable safe mode in tumblr account

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