How to Change tumblr Username | URL

Tumblr is the best platform to create blog and promote our business or services through it. We can share our thoughts via audio, text posts, videos, website links, quotations and chat sections. Like this we can promote business, products, websites through tumblr blog posts.

how to change tumblr username

It will ask username while register, so it will take it as username and as well as domain url for your tumblr blog. At some point of time we would like to change the username and domain url for tumblr blog to promote in other way instead of creating new one. So follow below steps to change tumblr blog username and tumblr blog domain url we can call it as tumblr blog url customization

How to change Tumblr url and username

Live Demo

  • Log on to tumblr dashboard
  • Click on profile button you will get drop-down menu
  • From the Drop Down menu go through settings
  • Now click on any one blog from the right side menu (if you have more than one blog choose blog which you want to change url and name of that tumblr blog)
  • Now you can see username and blog url on your screen
  • Change your username by clicking pencil icon; as you want and change url of tumblr blog as well (URL will change automatically by changing your tumblr blog username)

You changed your tumblr blog domain url and username. Click on your profile link and check the url and username. Don’t forget watch our Tumblr Tutorial videos on OnlineTipsZone official YouTube channel (go through tumblr playlist)

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