How to delete Tumblr on App

Hello tumblr users. We may create number of blogs through single blogger account. So that we can operate all blogs from single account or else we can give admin access to any other people to manage your blogs to update time to time. Every we don’t have web access to create new blog or delete tumble account or tumblr blog so that we can use tumblr app to delete tumble blog in single click

delete tumblr blog on app

Here we have given a free live demo to know “how to delete tumblr account and blog on App as well as we can follow same procedure to remove blog or account through tumblr iphone app. We can delete primary blog on tumblr app to replace another or secondary blog as your primary blog

There are new version has released in tumblr mobile apps for andriod, IOS and Windows operating systems. Here i am giving tips and information to know how delete tumblr blog on new version and old version.

Delete tumblr blog on App

New Version Tumblr App 

Note: If you are using old version scroll down you will get steps to delete tumblr blog on mobiles.

Live Demo

  • Open Tumblr app on your device
  • Click on profile or head icon button on app
  • You can see drop-down arrow button in the top of screen where tumblr blog name is visible, click drop down button
  • Choose any blog which you want to delete from tumblr
  • Open settings or gear icon
  • Scroll down and there you can see Delete this blog option
  • Choose delete tumblr blog and enter your tumblr password to delete website from your tumblr account

How to delete tumblr blog on Mobile (old versions)

Live Demo

  • Open tumblr account through tumblr app
  • Click on profile button (head symbol on tumblr app home)
  • You can see your tumblr blogs list below
  • Select any one blog which you want to delete
  • Click on 3 dot symbol icon on your tumblr blog name (you can check in below screen shot)
  • You can drop up menu and you can see delete this blog option
  • You need to enter password after clicked on delete this tumblr on app

Like this you can delete or remove tumblr account or tumblr blogs on android and ios app of tumblr. For more tumblr tips and tricks subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Like us on facebook

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