How to Trun off Tumblr ads

Some blogger will don’t like to show or get ads on their websites or blogs. People who are using tumblr blogs can turn off advertising on their blogs and we can turn on whenever we want to show ads on blog or site

remove tumblr ads

Why should I turn off/on ads

It will create some disturbance to yout visitors so that you can turn off ads for their comfort. By showing ads we can earn money on internet or through ad services like adsense etc. its up ot you to show ads on your blog or website

Here I am giving step by step methods to turn off and turn on ads in tumblr blog. Lets check out video for live demo or else go through below steps to stop ads on tumbr blog

How to turn off ads on Tumblr

Live Demo

  • Logon to tumblr
  • Go through settings that you will get from the drop down after you clicked on profile symbol button 
  • Now select your blog to which you want to turn off ads
  • Scroll down until you see adverting section button
  • Disable it to turn of ads and enable it to show ads on tumblr blog

Like this we can turn off and turn on ads on your blogs. Don’t forget to watch our Tumblr tutorial, tumblr tips and tricks videos of Online Tips Zone official channel

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