Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Tumblr is best platform to create blogs without spending money to run blogs and we can link custom domains to tumblr blogs. I have given full tutorial about tumblr tips and tricks in Online Tips Zone. Here I am going to share about keyboard shortcuts of tumblr dashboard. You can use these short cut keys to operate Tumblr dashboard without using mouse or touchpad. Go through below points to know what are the tumblr dashboard shortcut keys

tumblr keyboard shortcuts

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcut Keys

  • Keys J & K for next post and previous post
  • Dot (.) key to return your dashboard top
  • Key N to display notes for current entry
  • Space button for pause or play video in video post
  • Press ALT + TAB to switch between your dash and your blog entries

Note: Use long press alt by clicking tab until you switch to your required blog

  • Press ALT + E to quick reblog the current entry to your queue
  • Press ALT + R to quick reblog the current entry
  • Press ALT + C to create a new entry from anywhere on your dashboard

Note: it will ask to choose post type per every press

  • Press Z + C to quickly compose post
  • Press Shift + E to add posts to queue
  • Use Shift + R for fast reblog

For more keyboard shortcuts or for any queries send a mail to ravi@onlinetipszone.com or ask through below comments

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