How to Check Twitter Joined Date

How to Check Twitter Joined Date

Hello twitter users, how many of you know that when you have joined exactly I mean on which month and year you created your twitter account. If yes ok if you don’t know about checking joined date in your twitter account

It’s easy to check because it will be visible on your profile only follow below screen shots and step by step guides to spot location of joined date section on your profile. We don’t need to use any tools to checkout joined date in twitter.

How to check twitter Joined Date in Web

Live Demo

  • Log on to twitter account
  • Click on your profile button
  • You can see your twitter joined date from the details which have listed under your profile picture at left side 

Note: Here we can see only month and year if you want to know about exact date, go through this below link

How to Find Twitter Joined with Date & Time

How to check Twitter users joined date

We can check your followers and twitter joined date to know when they have joined in twitter. Same process to check their joined date in twitter.

  • Log on to twitter
  • Click on user profile of whom you want to know about join date
  • Check their profile you can see joined date of twitter just below to profile picture

Like this you can find anyone’s joined dates in titter or from when they have started using twitter accounts. We don’t need to ask them about when you joined and when you created accounts in twitters.

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