How to Delete Weebly Account

Weebly is one of the finest website builder platforms among all other platforms and it simplifies the process of designing websites with customized designs and easy drag and drops. You can customize your design and layout of website using widgets by drag and dropping. But you should stick with weebly and its services only when it comes to content matter.

delete weebly account

You can’t move your content to other platforms easily and you can when it has provided and committed by weebly related services. You can delete entire account permanently if you don’t want to use in future. Here I am going to show step by step information regarding deletion or deactivation of Weebly account.

How to delete Weebly Account

  • Log on to your account
  • Click on down arrow button at your profile name section
  • Open account from drop down menu
  • Here you can see permanently delete your Weebly account
  • Click on it and write something before confirming deletion of weebly account
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