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How to Create New Page in WIX Website


How to Create New Page to WIX Website

We will get default pages and categories when we apply themes on WIX websites. We can customize all categories if we don’t like default categories. You don’t need have knowledge on coding to make these changes within the WIX themes. Some people are trying to search for this solution in many forums and websites that’s why I am sharing here to know how to create new pages and categories on WIX.com

WIX Tips and Tricks

Here you need to take few steps to create new page or set up new name for the menu section of your WIX site. I have created a free demo site to make these changes to show viewers for easy understanding. You can go through below steps and screen shots to know how to add new page in WIX site. You can ask for any further questions regarding this topic.

How to add new page in WIX.com

  • Log on to WIX website
  • Choose any one website from your list of websites

create new page in WIX

  • Click on manage site

how to set up new page in WIX

  • Go through Edit site

add new page ti wix site

  • Give double click at menu section
  • Open manage menu

how to add new page in menu

  • Click on add page
  • Choose Page from sub menu

how to create new page in wix site

  • Add name of page and click ok to add it to menu
  • Click Save button and then publish button to add page to WIX site on Live

Like this you can create any number of pages in your WIX website at any time. We are ready to help you to customize your website with your doubts and queries.