How to Delete WIX Site

Generally bloggers will create websites to promote their products for ertain period of time. They will remove or delete website permanently after completion of product time or usage in Internet. Like this we can create sites or blogs without spending money on it. You can delete at any time if you feel no usage of it for you.

delete wix site

I have created a demo site to show you on Live Demo through below video and screen shots. Most of the WIX users don’t know about this delete site that’s why I am sharing this article for the users who want to delete their temporary sites from it. You can come up with any queries regarding this topic.

How to delete WIX website or Blog

Live Demo


  • Log on to account
  • Open my sites and choose your preferred site to delete
  • Click on manage site
  • Click on delete site from the menu like shown in video
  • You should click again delete button from the confirmation box and like this you can delete any time by creating site or blogs for temporary usage
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