How to check Organic Views in YouTube

We may get number of views every day to our channel videos on YouTube but some people are unable to see from where people are coming and watching videos like they are coming through YouTube search, suggested videos or any referral etc. I have seen in many forums and websites that people are asking about how to check my YouTube views which are from organic and suggested and from referrals

check organic views on youtube

For that reason I am sharing brief and step by step by guide below to know “how to check organic results for YouTube Channel. Here you can see which keywords are used views to enter into our videos and we can check again at what position our video has placed for those search queries so that we can re target them to get top on YouTube searches. You can check average time view for organic views on channel videos and many more you will get to know by  checking traffic sources of video views

How to see organic results for YouTube videos

Live Demo

  • Log on to YouTube and open my channel from the right side menu
  • Click on customize my channel
  • Now click on analytics and views count that you can see beside to video manager from the top of the channel header
  • Now click on Traffic sources
  • Scroll down, under the graph you can see YouTube Search, Suggested, Referrals and many more
  • Click on YouTube Search to check which queries or keywords are used to open our videos from the YouTube search

Now your organic keywords will be listed after you clicked or gone through YouTube search. Check organic views and check those queries positions and re target them to bring more views to your channel videos

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