How to Connect YouTube with Twitter

We all know that linking social media accounts to YouTube like twitter, Facebook, tumblr and pinterest etc is best way to get more views and increase brand of your channel. As per the latest updates we can link twitter to YouTube channel that helps you to promote and publish automatically when you uploaded new video on your YouTube channel.

connect youtube with twitter

You can reach all your twitter followers by setting up auto share option from YouTube to twitter account. You should link twitter account through YouTube channel directly and there is no App available on twitter directly. It helps to save your time by linking Twitter with YouTube so that you don’t need to spend time on facebook, twitter and social media sites to promote videos from your channel.

I am giving steps wise tutorial and with live demo of adding YouTube channel to twitter account. It takes few steps that I have shown with screen shots. Follow below steps or watch video to know how to setup twitter with YouTube channel

How to link YouTube with Twitter

  • Log on to YouTube channel
  • Click on my channel
  • You can see settings icon symbol at right side on screen
  • Click settings icon and again click on account settings
  • Go through connected devices from left side menu
  • Click on connect twitter and setup account
  • Save it

Now you have connected twitter with YouTube but you need to do one more thing every time while uploading new video to share automatically on twitter. You should click or enable auto share option while you uploading new video on your channel (check screen shot)

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