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YouTube is best platform to expose your products and business through videos and you can promote your business through different types like creating funny videos and event videos etc. Some people will try to get in top place for their videos. For that you need to follow some ways to get #1 position in YouTube search queries.

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YouTube SEO Checklist

  • Title of Video
  • Audience retention (interested users)
  • Keywords in description tag
  • Keywords (Tags)
  • Video length or Duration
  • Number of subscribers after watching for channel
  • Comments
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Keyword Research

We need to analyze best keywords which are people using search queries per a perticuler categories and your products as well as we should find competitors and take dumb of their site success secretes and techniques.

You can find keywords for your videos by following search suggestions of Google and YouTube, Keyword planner and any other tools.

Title Tag, Description and Keywords Tag:

  • Before uploading video just rename video file with any targeted keyword
  • We need to use main or focus keyword for the video in Title, Description and Keywords tag
  • After published video you must add end screens, annotations, subtitles etc to get good impression from viewers

Geo Targeting for YouTube Video

  • You can target particular area or location by using advanced setting section 

You should know how to use Video Manager for YouTube Channel

No one will use and knows that we can change audio and all changes of video through YouTube Video Manager. Here we are giving tips on Video Manager that gives you many options to change video back ground and size. You can add any extensions through video manager and use analytics to get statistics and report of video performance.

We will update few more points about Video SEO and latest techniques to get results shortly. Hope you got all my points and thank you for visiting our site

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