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How to add Facebook Like box to blogger


How to add facebook like box in blogspot site

Hello everyone here i am giving you perfect solution to get facebook like button to blogger in simple and easy steps. Don’t go with different ways and don’t spoil your blog layout and structure as well as speed of the blogger. Why i am giving these simple steps to add facebook like box to blogger is, i was irritated with different steps done which i have seen in the internet. So i am sharing this to get easy for people and to save your time.

Here we go with step by step procedure to get facebook like button to blogger and check the images to get clear details.

How to add FB Like box to BlogSpot

Live Demo

Step: 1

Open this url in the url bar your browser


Step 2

You will get some list of buttons after opend above URL. Click facebook like button from the list

Step 3

Enter Url of your page in the url box and enter width with 450 and it’s up to you to take width and etc then click on the get code

fb like box to blogger
Step 4

You may get 2 codes in the 2 boxes. You shoud add that codes in the blogger template after the <body> tag and one more is to add in java script/html code