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You are using YouTube Channel to upload videos and start promotion yourself without depending on others. For this you should have minimum knowledge about YouTube SEO that helps you to build perfect title, description and tags for any video. here i am sharing some limits and tips to use search engine optimization for videos.

How many of you know about words count for Video Description, Title & Keywords in YouTube?

You need to follow these stratageis and video SEO to get more views through organic searches. this helps you to save time on promotions and sharing on social media sites for views. You need to add proper title, description and tags to boost up your views count and subscribers.

youtube video characters limit

Adding Meta tags with SEO friendly is important when publishing videos to YouTube. Here I am giving the characters limit for YouTube video, everyone need to follow these conditions to make your video YouTube search friendly video

Title Limit for YouTube Video

  • You can use up to 70 characters including spaces for the title of YouTube Video

Description limit for YouTube Video

  • YouTube has given option to add 5000 characters for description. You can use more than 160 characters to explain about video. Because these characters will come in the searches of your videos title will come and description will come with first 157 characters for every video in YouTube


  • You can use more than 160 characters for YouTube description but you should write and include your video keywords in first 2 lines.
  • Because YouTube will show only 160 characters content when people search on YouTube
  • Users will check only those lines to enter into video
  • Don't give website links in beginning of description add them after the description

So write best words in the description which will understand people to know what’s in the video by reading those two lines.


  • You can give 5 to 8 keywords which are related to searches
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