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How to delete Facebook page on App


How to delete Facebook page on App

We all know that how to delete a facebook page on desktop or web version but present days most of the people are using mobile or smart phones. So everyone needs to know about how we can delete facebook pages using mobile app. There is a rule to facebook page removal i.e. it will take 14 days or more once you applied for deletion from your facebook pages.

Of course you can cancel or deletion of facebook page within 14 days from the applied date. After that you are no longer to see or use that page. You need to confirm it again when ask for deletion for its clarification again. Like this you have to know few things before deleting facebook page which owned by your account.

Now I am going to show about how to delete fb page on android, IOS and all other smart phones. Every update has came in fb app also which are available on web version. Go through article to know how we can block or delete a facebook page through mobile app

How to delete FB page in App

Live Demo

  • Open app on your device
  • Go through page which you want to delete
  • Click on 3 horizontal dot icon that you can see at right top corner on your screen

how to delete fb page in app

  • Scroll down and click on edit settings

how to delete fb page on app

  • Now go through general settings

how to remove fb page in app

  • Just go down and see there you can see remove page option
  • Click on delete page and again confirm to start process of delete your page

delete fb page in app

That’s it, see how simple it is to remove any facebook page which owned by you to delete using mobile app. Like this you can delete page and you can restore within 14 days only after that you can’t so just think about it before deleting and after deleting you have time about 2 weeks.