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How to stop autoplay videos on Facebook wall


How to stop autoplay on facebook

We know that the auto play option is available on Facebook videos but some people will not like to auto play option. Of course it is an easy way to reach all videos but sometimes it may feel irritated for you while seeing your news feed or wall.

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We can help here with few settings that will disable auto play videos on your facebook wall or timeline. now you have the option of disabling autoplay altogether on facebook wall.
Just look at below steps to learn how to turn off auto palying videos on facebook mobile app or desktop.

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Steps to disable auto play videos on facebook
  • Log on to facebook and go through¬†settings
  • You can see videos option from the left side menu that you can see after gone through facebook account settings or else see the image
  • Now change the auto play option to off from default or on. Leave it if it has already setup with off.
Stop auto play on facebook wall

Like this you can turn of auto play option on facebook timeline. Here you can see new option that you can set quality of facebook video, it will help you to reduce you data on mobile.