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Adding Meta Tags on Blogger and HTML Websites

how to add meta tags in blogger

How to Add HTML Meta Tags to Websites

Adding Meta tags is very important part to get better ranks and looks search engine friendly website. Most of the people will not use meta tags section if they are using blogspot platform for their business, organization or any personal blog. You will not get separate option or section to add HTML Meta tags in blogger

Here I am giving step by step tutorial in easy ways to add Meta tags to blogger or blogspot or blog. For wordpress, magento, Joomla like these websites will have plugins and widgets to add Meta tags that are easy for owners to add tags. But for html and any other website will not have plugins but it is very simple and easy to add Meta tags for blogger and HTML websites.

Before adding Meta tags into blog or any html website, we need to know the structure and format of Meta tags. Here we have two methods to use meta tags in blogger

Method 1: (Must use this method for HTML, PHP etc sites)

Add this html Meta tags in your website header (should be added in the header section)

 <title>Add your Title </title>

<meta name=”author” content=”Add your Name”>

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>

<meta name=”description” content=”Add your Description”>

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Add Your Keywords”>

Just add above tags in your website header by replacing your content instead of highlited areas like title, description and keywords etc

If you want to stop index from google then make it No index, No follow in robots tag

Method 2 (only in blogspot or blogger)

First you need logon to your blogger dashboard and go through search preference settings that you will get under settings.

Live Demo

Here you need to make Enable description and add your content about your website description in 150 to 200 characters to make it as search engine friendly website. You can see the below image to get idea on where to add description on blog-spot website

You need to write search description for every blog post like this you can add description for every individual post on blog or blogger.

Like this you can SEO Meta tags on blog, html websites that my help you to get visible top on search engines and you can expect immediate results