How to delete Snapchat Account

SnapChat is an social media app to send messages, pictures and videos to friends and you can add them into your stories on account. Those will be visible to all you contacts and it can visible to who have added you in their contact list. All these stories were temporary it means you should add or you can change every day and you can come up with new updated stories for your SnapChat account.

how to delete snapchat account

There is only one method to delete SnapChat account within the App or Web. Here I am giving an step by step guide to know how to deactivate your SnapChat account. You have an option through app but it will redirect to this procedure only so don’t search for the procedure to deactivate SnapChat through app

How to Deactivate SnapChat

  • Open this url to delete SnapChat account

  • Enter username and password to log on
  • Again it will ask for username and password
  • Choose delete my account from the below

It will save your account data till 30 days from you deleted account date. You can comeback with same username and password to logon or reactivate Snapchat anytime in these 30 days duration.

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