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How To Remove Horizontal ScrollBar in Web Page

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How to Remove Horizontal Scrollbar

I have seen the horizontal scroll bar in many web pages it looks somewhat difficult to scroll left and right for user. I hope that better to remove that horizontal scroll option from the websites. Scrolling up and down is best option so we need to remove horizontal scroll bar.

It will come default with themes and templates when you apply to your websites. Check the below solutions to Remove Horizontal ScrollBar in Web Page.

For bloggers also it happens but they don’t know how to remove it so here I am giving solutions to remove Horizontal Scrollbar in blogger and websites

How to Remove Horizontal ScrollBar in Web Page

You can see sometimes the horizontal scroll bar on your browser while browsing your blog or website. This happens due to layout, a widget or any other. Follow the techniques to remove horizontal scroll bar from div or blog or website.

For bloggers:

  • Log on to blog and go to edit html and search for ]]></b:skin>
  • Paste this code html {overflow-x: hidden;} before that tag
  • Just replace the x with y from the code to hide vertical scrollbar from your blog or website
  • Just save the template and check your blog weather horizontal scrollbar is removed or not

For websites:

make sure the code like below in your website header or div