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How to check Paytm Bank ATM card number and CVV details

how to see paytm card cvv number

Paytm Bank card CVV Details

Hello paytm users, now everyone is using transactions and bill payments everything using a little app known as paytm. As per the estimation there 17 crore Indians have registered and using for all transactions at shops and everywhere paytm payments are available in India even in small small towns and villages.

Recently it has upgrade to bank directly using their mobile number as account number and it has given paytm banks debit card with Rubay platinum cards which are now available in your online paytm account only. Here what I am going to say that we can use paytm debit card for all payments in Online like we are using other debit cards for payments.

We all know that we need some details about our debit card like card number which will be shown on the card, CVV and expired date of your paytm bank card. Here we go to know how to find CVV, expired date of your paytm ATM card.

How to check paytm card CVV, Expired dates

  • Log on to paytm app
  • Click on profile button or open directly bank account from the menu

check paytm debit card

  • If you done through profile click on my savings account that you can see under My Paytm Code
  • Scroll down, there you can see your paytm atm card with name as My Rupay card
  • Click on View/Manage card

paytm atm card details

  • Again click view details on your paytm payments bank atm card
  • Enter your 4 digit passcode to display the details

Note: if you forgot the 4 digit password, just click on forgot passcode and it will ask to generate new password after you enter paytm password for conformation

Now your Paytm atm card CVV and Expiry details will be appear on screen. you can use this paytm rubay debit card for all online payments which are allows rubay card to pay all payments over internet.