How to add Subscribe button to YouTube Video

by Ravi Garnepally
(last updated 2018-05-15 17:35:07)

YouTube is the best place to share videos and earn money without investment. Here we need to make our channel looks good for the visitors. We have so many options to make our YouTube channel more professional and branding. We need to add a subscribe button to attract more people to remember that to subscribe your channel while watching videos on your channel

add subscribe button to youtube video

People will subscribe our channels when they like our videos and they want to see more videos like the way videos what you are uploading. So you need to add a subscribe button to your videos to get more subscribes. It is one of the techniques to make our YouTube channel branding to know all instead of subscribe button we can put our company logos, images etc.

I am sharing one live demo video that was done by our own channel so check this video to get idea about “How to add Subscribe button to YouTube Channel videos”

Live Demo


Steps to add Subscribe Button for all YouTube Videos:

  • Logon to YouTube channel
  • Click on my channel (Cusotmize my Channel)
  • Click on video manager that you can see from the above to chanel banner
  • Now click on channel that you can see from the left side menu
  • Now click on branding
  • Now go through add watermark 
  • Upload logo or subscribe button (image) and make sure you choose that should appear entire video instead of putting first 5 sec or end of the video

For clear and easy understand see above video

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