How to delete YouTube Channel

Are you looking for steps to delete YouTube channel permanently? Then go through below steps and follow them to delete channel or hide your YouTube channel. We can hide channel and delete permanently from the Google. You can get back your channel if you hide it for temporary but you can’t get back your channel once you deleted from YouTube

delete youtube channel

Sometimes we don’t want to show our channel to others, then we need to hide the channel or remove it permanently from the searches of YouTube or any other search engines. Here I have given step by step method with screen shots to understand easily by readers.

Deleting YouTube channel is a simple process and it will take less than a minute to remove a channel from YouTube account. Deleting YouTube channel may not affect on your Google account.

Watch this video for easy understanding before going through article steps

Live Demo

How Delete / Hide YouTube Channel 

  • Go through YouTube and click on profile picture from the right top corner 

(Note: make sure that you are using YouTube channel as what you want to delete or hide from YouTube)

  • Now click on settings from drop down menu
  • Now click on advanced settings
  • Scroll down until you see delete channel and click on it
  • Now you can choose in next tab either you can Hide or you can Delete from the options
  • Select all options and click on delete channel
  • Next you need to enter channel name for the robot checker
  • Now your channel will be deleted from the YouTube
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