How to Change Default Channel in YouTube

We can create number of channels from single YouTube account but we need to set any one as default channel that will be as brand for your account. If you have 2 or more channels on YouTube, you can put any one as default instead of using other channel as default. By making default channel it shows your brand to your visitors and it will open automatically when you open YouTube

change default channel in youtube

You can set any one channel which you use or upload more videos regularly that helps you save your time by changing channel every time when you logged in to account. Follow below steps and watch live demo which has given below to put default channel in YouTube. You can send queries or comment below to this post

How to change default channel in YouTube

Live Demo


  • Log on to your YouTube account
  • Click on profile button where you can see right top corner on screen
  • Make sure you are using which channel you are going to make as default when you logged into YouTube account
  • Now click on settings from drop down menu
  • Go through advanced settings  from left side menu settings
  • In next tab, you can see a checkbox to make this channel as default when you logged on to your account

Like this you can make any channel as default in YouTube. Don’t forget to see our YouTube Tips and Tricks videos from the official channel of Online Tips Zone.

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