How to schedule YouTube Videos

Have you ever thought that can we add YouTube videos with scheduled? Yes, we can upload schedule YouTube Video with certain dates and time whenever you want to published it. Generally we use to upload many videos on YouTube when we get free time. It is not best way and it will not reach more people and subscribers of your channel. You should give some time gap for uploading videos on YouTube that gives best results and it is one key to success for your earnings and views on YouTube.

How to schedule YouTube Videos

I have seen in many forums about this question and many people are searching for the solution to know how to upload scheduled video in YouTube. I have given clearly below with step by step method and how to add specific dates date and time for videos. Here you need to finish all work of uploaded video like adding end screens, adding YouTube Cards, Subtitles etc. So that you don’t need to touch that scheduled video or edit till the publish date. Follow below steps or watch live demo to know how to schedule YouTube Video Uploads

How to schedule YouTube Video Uploads

  • Log on to YouTube and make sure you are in same YouTube channel to schedule video
  • Click on upload button that you can see on right top corner 
  • Here you can see public option by default, click on it and choose schedule option from drop-down menu
  • Upload video and click publish video
  • click on return to edit
  • Now click edit button and change date and time other things like End screens, annotations video to be published
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