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by Ravi Garnepally
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YouTube is a worldwide video sharing website; most of the content in YouTube is uploaded by individuals.

Now-a-days every one of us uses YouTube website minimum once in a day. While we are watching videos in YouTube, it is inconvenient to us to use mouse every time to forward or backward the videos. We have some techniques and shortcuts to avoid this inconvenience

youtube shortcut keys

Use these keyboard shortcuts to operate YouTube videos without using Mouse. You can save your time or you can browse with keyboard keys instead of using mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube videos 

Key J or Ctrl+Left Arrow: By using the ‘J key or Ctrl+Left Arrow’ in the keyboard we can backward the videos for 10 seconds.
Key L or Ctrl+Right Arrow: By using the ‘L key or Ctrl+Right Arrow’ in the keyboard we can forward the videos for 10 seconds.
Key K: By using the ‘K key’ we can pause or play the videos.
Key O: By using the ‘ZERO Key’ we can restart the videos.
Keys 1-9: These keys are used to forward videos, if we use ‘KEY 1’ video is forwarded to 10%, similarly if we use keys 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 the video get forward to 20%, 30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%.
UP Arrow Key: ‘UP ARROW’ key is used to increase volume 5%.
Down Arrow Key: ‘DOWN ARROW’ key is used to decrease volume 5%.
Key Home: This key is used to start the video from beginning.
Key End: This key is used to end the video.

Please let us know through comments if we have missed in any shortcuts for YouTube in the above list

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