How to mark all Emails as Read on Gmail App

We all know that how to mark read mail as unreadon Gmail web but when it comes to do in app somewhat different and not an easy for first time users. So I am going to show here how mark all email as read in gmail or read mail as unread on Gmail Android. You can mark any read mail as unread at anytime from app.

gmail mark as unread

Sometimes we open mails but there is no time to check it out and give replies to those mails so you need to mark it as unread mail in gmail to open it later to respond to it. If you are not marked it as unread you may forget to check it due to overflow of new emails to gmail inbox. mark emails as read  or unread gmail is the best option to do not skip any mail in busy hours

How to mark Emails as Read Gmail

Live Demo


  • Open Gmail app on your device
  • Choose any mail from inbox which you want to mark it as read or unread
  • Give long press on that mail without opening
  • In the top of screen you can options like mark as read 

Note: if you already opened it it will show as mark as unread

Like this you can mark all emails as read or unread on Gmail Mobile app like android, ios or windows versions.

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