New Gmail Features | Gmail 2018-19 | Snooze | Confidential Mode

Hello everyone here I am going to share you about the new updated features and how it helpful to us in Gmail accounts. I hope everyone is getting an alert and notification in your Gmail right bottom corner about to upgrade or update your Gmail to use new features.

New Gmail Features

Let’s see what are the updated Gmail features and how it helpful for everyone. You can see video to see about those features usage and how to use when we need it. I just list first about updated features and then we will go about detailed information about every feature

New Gmail features 2018-19

  • User-friendly design and operations
  • Snooze for email
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Keep notes 
  • Confidential mode on/off for each new compose mail
  • Direct option for delete, archive, snooze on each mail


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Uses of New Gmail Features

User-friendly design and operations

Gmail look has changed in new version which looks very catchy and user friendly design so that people will not get bore when they seen or open Gmail to check mails 


You can add reminders for any mail which you want to see it in future that to with date and time to get snooze or reminder about that mail to check again. By adding snooze you can’t skip any mail if you are busy at that time

Calendar, tasks, Keep notes

Here you can see these three options on right side bar of your gmail. Those you can check easily if you added any events, important dates to your calendar. You can add notes to quick open to recollect the daily things and must do things like checklist. In the tasks section you can add tasks or works which should be done etc

Confidential mode on/off

Here is the important update which is most useful for every Gmail user i.e. Confidential Mode for composing mail

When you turn on confidential mode for your sending email

  • User can not copy of content which is in mail
  • Cannot forward to anyone 
  • You can add expiry date for email from one day to 5 years. It’s up to you when it should expire from their Gmail inbox
  • They cannot take printout of email
  • You can add password also to open email (optional)

These are the main features you can see in your updated Gmail account from old Gmail. Hope you like this article. Keep watching our site for more important updates 

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