How to connect with Scoop it with social media sites

Hello scoop it followers, have you never thought why can’t link my scoop it with other social media sites like twitter, tumblr, linkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, buffer and Yammer. These are the websites are available to connect with scoopit including facebook and its pages. It is the best way to link your account with social media sites to reduce your time spending on posting on each site for the promotions.

connect scoopit with social media sites

I have given about how to link facebook and Scoop It account in previous article. Here we go to know about how we can link all social media sites from scoopit. As per the rules you can link only 2 sites for each time until you upgrade to business account. You can integrate any 2 social media sites if you are using it as free plan.

How to connect Scoop It with Social media accounts

  • Log on to account
  • Click on down arrow button from the profile symbol
  • Open settings from the options
  • Tap sharing tab from the menu
  • Choose any social media icon to link it on scoop it
  • It will ask to login after you clicked on those icons
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