How to Connect Scoop It with Facebook

We all know that linking one account with another in social media sites to engage more traffic on Internet. Like this we can connect scoop it with faebook account. It’s any easy process for busy people to reduce time of posting multiple times on facebook and scoop it. You can publish to both sites from one place if you have linked them already.

connect scoopit with fb

You can target any post from the followers of both sites by linking facebook on scoop it account. You should take few steps to integrare fb account with scoop it. I have given below in detailed steps along with screen shots for easy understanding. You can watch live demo of adding scoop it with facebook through video turorial

Integrate Facebook with

  • Log on to account
  • Tap the down arrow button
  • Go through settings
  • Click on sharing tab from the menu of settings
  • Choose facebook icon from the below social media sites Icons
  • It will ask to log in to your facebook account
  • Click allow button to integrate both sites
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