How to change Skype download Folder | Skype download location

We will set auto download for receiving files on Skype conversations and they will save automatically in Skype folder that will be locate inside to local disk. We can’t find the received files in future when we need them back. Every time we can’t go to Skype conversation and check for the files to open and can’t search through local disk folders.

skype download location

Here we have an option to change storage location of received files in your Skype account on desktop application as well on mobile app. You need to follow some steps to reach to make these changes in your account. You can set to ask every time to where it should be save when you receive new files over conversations. You can set to a custom folder to save automatically all incoming files from skype.

Change Skype download Foder

  • Open skype application on your PC
  • Click on tools from the menu
  • Go through options from sub menu
  • Open IM & SMS from left side menu
  • Click on advanced options from IM Settings section
  • You can see change folder button in when I receive file section
  • Set a folder to save all downloaded files from Skype and save the changes
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