How to Unblock Someone on Skype

We have discussed about how to block someone on Skype in desktop version and mobile version apps. Now we will see about how to unblock them after we blocked in future. We may get chance to unblock your contacts if you want to allow them to call and message you. It is very user friendly app to use but it is somewhat difficult when it comes to check blocked contacts list to remove from them by unblocking.

how to unblock someone on skype

You should take few steps to unblock someone on Skype that I am going to below in detailed with screen shots for easy understanding. You can unblock any specific person whom you want to allow them to call or text you. There is no option to unblock Skype contacts over the app so you must use desktop version to do these settings or unblocking contacts in Skype.

How to Unblock Contacts in Skype

Live Demo

  • Open Skype application on desktop
  • Click on contacts from the menu
  • Choose advanced from the sub menu
  • Go through manage blocked contacts from drop down menu
  • Now choose any person from blocked contact list
  • Click on unblock this person button
  • Save it

Like this you can unblock anyone once you blocked them on Skype. You can come up with any queries regarding this or any thing about this application.

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