How to add members to Tumblr Blog

How many of you know that we can share or add administrator to your tumblr blogs? Then follow this article and below steps to know how to add admin to tumblr blog. Adding admins to your tumblr blog is best way to transfer your blog to others or else you can transfer your tumblr blog account to another account of yours as secondary blogs.

how to add members to tumblr blog

We can create group of blogs in short time and we can add n number of admins to blogs. It takes just few seconds to set up admin to tumblr blog. It is one of best benefit of tumblr blogging platform. We can’t change or add admin to primary blog on tumblr blog. We can create only for the secondary blogs

How to add members to Tumblr Blog

Live Demo

  • Log on to tumblr account
  • Click on profile button or head symbol button
  • Now select your blogs from the dropdown menu except primary blog
  • Now click on members from the right side menu
  • Now invite with tumblr username or with email to add as admin and contributor, author to your tumblr blog

Like this you can transfer your tumblr to another account instead of using separate account on tumblr. Don’t forget watch tumblr tutorial videos which was created by Online Tips Zone official YouTube Channel

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