Tumblr Analytics | How to setup Google Analytics

We need track our blog or website views to know how visitors are coming and from where they are coming like to track location base. We will promote our websites in many ways by using social media, YouTube, and google so that we can see that from which source our website visitors are viewing our website. Then only we can know status of website so you should add analytics to every website or blog.

tumblr analytics

Most of the people are tumblr using blindly to create blog and postings on it. but you should know that tumblr has an option to link with Google analytics so that it helps to find status and analysis of our tumblt website. i added analytics to my tumblr so that it helps me a lot to track traffic every day.

Here i am giving step by step article in detailed along with a live demo video of adding analytics  to tumblr

Live Demo

How to setup Analytics in Tumblr


  • Log on to your tumblr blog and click on profile symbol or butto
  • Open any blog from your account to add analytics to it
  • Click on edit appearance from the right side bar options
  • Now open edit theme
  • You will redirect to theme panel or dashboard now scroll down until you see the left bottom corner with Google analytics ID option
  • Add your analytics id in that section and save it

Now you can check live visitors, it will show active now count if any one browsing your tumblr blog

Like this we can add or link tumblr blog with Google analytics so that we can track our website or blog data daily. Don’t forget watch our Tumblr Tutorial videos and subscribe to Online Tips Zone official youtube channel for more  tips and tricks videos

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