How to add scheduled post on Tumblr

Every time we can’t spend to post individual posts on tumblr blog, so here we have an option to schedule for any post like link, video, audio etc on Tumblr. People who are busy they can spend some time to schedule all your business posts with date and time so that those posts will publish automatically at what time you have given in scheduled posting option.

tumblr scheduled post

Uses of Scheduled posts in Tumblr

You can schedule all your links at a time by giving preferred date and time to publish automatically. So you don’t need to spend every day to post something on it

You can’t post videos if you want to share it as per us and uk different time zones, so you can schedule a post to reach them by scheduling time as per their time spending and traffic

How to scheduled posts on Tumblr Blog

Live Demo

  • Just click on home symbol button after you logged into tumblr account
  • You can see posting options in the dashboard
  • Select any format to post like “text, quote, link, audio, chat, video, audio”. Here I am taking link option to post on my tumblr blog
  • Place your link in section and add description tags which are relevant to your post
  • Now click on down arrow button that you can see at post button 
  • You will get drop up menu after you clicked on down arrow button. Now you can select your post to schedule or add to queue or post privately or else you can save it as draft
  • Choose scheduled post option; enter date time to publish post on your preferred day and time

Now you have finished scheduled post on tumblr blog, like this you can add to queue posts on blogger. There is no limit to add post for scheduled and queue on tumblr blog. Don’t forget to watch and subscribe to Tumblr tutorial videos of OnlineTipsZone official channel (go through tumblr playlist)

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