How to Change Tumblr Language

Tumblr will give default language as English when we registered. We can change language of tumblr from settings. Just follow below steps to change tumblr language into your preferred language

tumblr language

Why should change language of Tumblr?

We can get more response from the local tumblr users if we use local language like hindi, Chinese etc. so we have to change language if you are promoting local business through tumblr blog. You can’t change tumblr language through mobile app for the current version so you should change it through PC only

How to change language on Tumblr

Live Demo

  • Logon to tumblr account
  • Click on profile as shown in the below screen shot
  • You will get account settings,
  • Scroll down you can language section
  • Change language into your preferred language

Like this you can change tumblr language whenever you want to change from default. Don’t forget to watch tumblr tutorial and tips on OnlineTipsZone YouTube channel.

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