How to Change Time Zone on Tumblr

Changing timezone is best way to reach your targeted audience or tumblr followers through your blog posts and videos etc. By default it will give different timezone which is not related to your country and area. So you should change time zone for your tumblr blog. We can't change tumblr time zone through mobile apps like android, ios etc from the curren version tumblr App

tumblr time zone

Why need to change Tumblr Time Zone?

You will get different time zone by default when you registered to tumblr account. So we need to change it to your country time zone or else your targeted people or country time zone. Go through video or else below steps to know how to change tumble time zone

How to change time zone on Tumblr

Live Demo

  • Open Tumblr website and logon with credentials
  • Go through profile button and give a click on it
  • You will get drop down menu when you clicked on profile head button
  • Select settings option from that drop down menu
  • Now Open blog from the right side bar menu 
  • Scroll down until you see time zone section that will come after social media sharing buttons like facebook and twitter

Like this you can change tumblr time zone into your preferred country or place which you are going to target through your blog posts, videos, audios etc. Don’t forget to watch our Tumblr tutorial videos on OnlineTipsZone channel

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