How to Link Twitter to Tumblr

How to Link Twitter to TumblrWe have discussed about linking facebook with twitter in the previous article, now we will see how we can connect twitter to tumblr blog. It is one of the best platform to share our ideas to our followers through audio, text, images, chat and links. We have an option to link up twitter with tumblr so that when you publish new posts will share to twitter automatically.

connect tumblr with twitter

It is the best idea to connecting twitter to improve your business or website views. You can share website links, content and images directly on twitter automatically. Follow below steps to know “how to connect tumblr with twitter account”.

Live Demo:

Linking Tumblr and Twitter

  • Log on to tumblr 
  • Go to settings that you can see from the drop down menu when you click on profile button (profile button will be placed at right top corner)
  • Click on settings from the drop down menu
  • Now Click on your profile button that you can see at bottom from the right side menu (shown in screen shot)
  • Now scroll down until you see share on twitter button
  • select share on twitter button (make sure your twitter account is opened or not)

So you have connected twitter account with tumblr blog and tumblr posts will be shared on your twitter wall directly. Don’t forget to see our twitter tips and tricks videos from the OnlineTipsZone channel

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