How to Turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr

We all knows that tumblr is an social media website which allows to promote our content and ideas by creating blogs on it. There is no limitation on creating blog for each account. So we can use it to promote any type category and topic we choose. Of course, most of the people don’t allow displaying sensitive content or adult on their timeline.

Note: Tumblr is no longer to change safe mode changes and adult content from December 17, 2019.., officially has given... keep in touch with us to know when they return this option

tunr off safe mode on tumblr

Like that tumblr users also not intreasted to get unwanted adult content or any sensitive topics on timeline. That’s why tumblr has given an option called as safe mode which has enable or disable options. Its up to you to put in turn on or turn off safe mode on your tumblr account. It is different to make it on Computer/ web and Mobile app (ios, android)

Now I am going to show here about turn off safe mode on tumblr web and app. You can follow anyone which you use mostly to operate tumblr account

How to Turn off safe Mode on Tumblr

Live Demo



  • Log on to tumblr
  • Click on profile or head symbol (you can see at right top corner
  • Open settings from drop down menu
  • There you can see safe mode option in filtering section
  • Disable it to turn off safe mode 

On Mobile (Android/IOS)

  • Open app on your device
  • Click on head or profile button from right bottom corner on screen
  • Click on gear or settings icon from right top corner
  • Go throufh general settings
  • Open filtering 
  • There you can turn off safe mode on tumblr app

Like this you can turn off safe mode on tumblr web or app. Ask us if you want any tips or to share ideas with us

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