How to add Meta Tags in Wix Site

Meta tags plays vital role to get visitors through search engines and helps to crawl quickly by robots like Google bot, other search engines like Bing, yahoo and many more. Every website should have meta tags like title tag, meta description and keywords of the page or category. I have seen that people are searching for the procedures to add meta tags to WIX website pages.

add meta tags to wix site

I am going to show clearly about how to add tags to WIX sites. You should follow below steps to know how to insert meta title, description and keywords of respected pages. Search engines will crawl your website easily if you add proper meta tags so that it can detect content of the website and it moves your site top on search engines.

How to add meta tags for WIX website

Live Demo

  • Log on to WIX account
  • Choose any one website to which you want to add tags
  • Click on manage site
  • Again click on Edit site
  • Give double click on the menu or page or category
  • Click on manage menu
  • Click 3 dot icon symbol of any page
  • Go through Page SEO
  • There you can see Title and Description box and scroll down to see meta keywords tag box for your WIX site page

Like this you can add title, description and keywords for every page on your WIX website. You can ask us for any further queries regarding this.

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