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How to Change Language of WIX Site


How to Change Language of WIX Website

Hello guys, we have discussed about changing language for WIX account in previous article. Now we will see how to change language of WIX website. You can set specific languages for list of websites that means you add custom languages for each website you created in it. Its not easy to find option to change language like we shown on other platform like BlogSpot, WordPress etc.

How to change Language of Wix Account

It will not apply to other websites which you have built in same account so that you can create multiple websites with multiple languages to target all language people for your site content. Of course it’s a good idea to set up different languages for different countries users to get understand easily. Follow below steps and screen shots to know how to change wix site language with preferred one

How to change WIX Site language

  • Log on to WIX account
  • If you have multiple websites, go through my sites from the header section and choose site which you want to change language

change language of wix website

  • Go through manage site

change wix site language

  • Click on language and location from left side menu
  • Change language with your preferred one by clicking drop-down button to display available language on WIX

how to change wix website language

Like this you can change language of each website you created on WIX.com to target specific country or language people. You can come up with further queries from below comments or social media profiles.