How to stop WIX site from Search Engines

Every website or web pages will crawled by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc even you don’t apply for indexing to those search engines. You must stop crawling your site to stop coming in search results. It will stop indexing your web pages and site info when you disable search engines crawling from google and other search engines or robots.

stop WIX site from Indexing

I have seen that many people are searching for how to stop a WIX website coming from search results. Its very easy to stop indexing your WIX site and that I am going to show clearly with step by step in detailed. Follow below steps, screen shots to get understand easily. We can enable at any time inf future to crawl by search engines to display in search results.

How to disable indexing WIX website

  • Log on to WIX account
  • Choose any one website which you want to make changes
  • Click on manage site
  • Go through SEO from left side menu
  • Disable that allow search engines to include your website in search results

Like this you can enable it when you are ready to show your web results through all search engines. You can come up with any queries if you have regarding

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