How to get Google Custom Search

We are using default search option which will come through the default theme or given by the developers to our websites. It is ok for the non profitable sites but you should use custom search engine or adsense for search to your website search within your website using google custom search engine if you are an adsense holder. This will help you to increase your income through AdSense platform.

create custom search engine in adsense

Are you unable to see custom search engine on your adsense account? Don’t worry it will not come directly when you apply adsense. It will give only ad units to place ads on website. You need to apply for Google search engine or custom search engine through the adsense account. I have given step by step method and live demo here to know “how to apply for Google custom search engine through ad sense”

How to get google custom search

Live Demo


  • Log on to Google AdSense
  • Click on my ads
  • Here you can see other products option under ad styles from the drop down menu of my ads
  • Go through other products their you can see adsense option products like adsense for search, videos & adsense for apps
  • You should click on adsene for search to apply for Google custom search engine through

You will get search option on your adsense menu after it has been approved by the Google. Up to my knowledge it will approve within two days after you applied. You will not get any alert for this approval but it will give one more option on you’re my ads drop-down menu with search. Through search, we can create number of search engines to add it to your websites and blogs.

Bottom lines: like this you have created custom search engine and add it to your website to get search ads within your site. It will increase your earnings on Adsense. You can ask us for any further queries on this topic though comments or mail me at

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