How to add Meta tags in Blogger

Every blogger should use tags for their regular posts or published articles on blogger sites. Adding tags help us to index easily by Google and it will rank in search results quickly. In previous article we were discussed about adding Meta tags for blogger site. Now I am going to show about how to add Meta tags for blogger posts.

how to add meta tags in blogger

We have two methods to add tags for every post in blogger. Those are we can see below and from that you can choose which you feel better and easy to use. Mostly blogger would like to use search description box for every blogger post which was given by default in Blogger. In this method we don’t have access to put keywords for every post but we can add search description which was crawl by Google as Meta description.

How to add Meta tags in Blogger Posts    

Live Demo

Method 1:

  • Logon to blogger and click on new post
  • From the right side menu you can see search description tab
  • Click on Search Description and add your blogger post description
  • Google will take it as or crawl it as Meta Description
  • Same as per the blogger pages also

Method 2:

  • Go to blogger
  • Go to template>>edit html.
  • Search the code by clicking ctrl+f button “ ”
  • You need to place below tags to under that code

<meta content='Write-Description Here' name='description'/>

<meta content='Write-Keywords Here' name='keywords'/>

  • You need to replace Page URL, Description and Keywords

You can add this like how many pages are left in blogger to put tags so Google will crawl as tags for respected pages by giving page url in every tag

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