How to change Facebook post time and date

We can change time of published post, status, video whatever on facbook timeline or pages. It has given to change any backward date from the current time and date. It will help for the people who published on wrong dates like wishes etc. even you can change time and date of fb post at any time in future.

change fb post date

Sometimes it help us to save from incidents which you done in the last year or previous months of published posts. You can change date and time of those posts to show them for demand to be proud in front them. Lets go through the procedure of changing time and date facebook post from timeline or page, groups etc

How to edit fb Post Date

Live Demo


  • Log on to facebook 
  • Choose or open post which want to edit time and date
  • Click on 3 horizontal dot icon that you can see at right top corner of that post section
  • Go through change date
  • Now set time and date as you preferred
  • save it

Like this you can change time and date of facebook posts. Pease like us on facebook, twitter and subscribe on youtube to get regular tips from Online Tips Zone

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