How to Turn Off chat on Facebook Messenger

We all know that how to turn off chat on facebook web to stop your friends seeing that you are on online. In updated messenger app, come up with new features and we can put turn off facebook chat in messenger app like android, IOS, windows etc. I have given here detailed process about how to go offline on facebook messenger

how to turn off chat on facebook messenger

Generally people will use internet full time in a day for other usage on smart phones. Messenger will show you as active on facebook as well when your mobile data is on. You should turn off chat on messenger to appear offline facebook messenger. Otherwise your friends will think that you are using facebook for 24 hours by seeing your fb on active status

How to appear offline on Messenger

Live Demo


  • Open Fb messenger App
  • Click on profile icon symbol from that you can at right top corner on your screen
  • Choose active status tab from the above 2 tabs
  • In next tab you can see disable chat button
  • Just disable it to show offline on facebook messenger and you can turn on chat at any time using same button by putting enable mode

Like this you can show off line on messenger to your friends so that they can’t see and think you are on active in facebookonline users list until you enable it or turn on facebook chat.

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