How to check Facebook Unfriend List

We will delete or remove lot of friend from our facebook friends list sometimes. After few days years we may forget their name or id to check or contact. In that time this article will helps you to get them back to see on your facebook within 1 step instead of wasting time on checking through facebook search or different ways

unfriends list in facebook

Let’s see how we can check unfired list on facebook on desktop or mobile app. For this you need active internet connection and app with updated version of facebook. You can see below demo video to get clear idea on it or else follow below mentioned steps to find facebook unfriends list.

How to find facebook unfreinds list

Live Demo


On FB App

  • Open fb app on your devices
  • Click on 3 horizontal line icon that you can see right bottom corner on screen
  • Now scroll down and click on settings & privacy and then open settings 
  • Go down and open activity log from your facebook information settings
  • Choose category with removed friends from the available options
  • You can see list of unfriend notification with the date

Like this you can see unfriends list or removed friends from facebook mobile app or android version. Now we will see how to check this on web version

On FB Web Version

  • Open facebook and log on 
  • Click on drop down arrow button that you can see at right bottom corner of profile area 
  • Open activity log from the drop down menu
  • Click on more from the left side menu and then tap friends option 
  • Now choose removed friends list from the below options 
  • Here you can see list unfired notifications 
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