How to Hide Chat in Hike Messenger

There is no time for the people to sit together for chit chat with mouth. But all are busy in sitting alone and communicating over chats with known or unknown persons with the updated messenger apps and features. Like this everyone has their own secrets on their mobile which don’t want to share with others.

hide hike chats

We need to delete total conversation or chat if you want to hide your secrets if they seen or open your messenger apps. Of course we put passwords but some of your friends will know the password which we can’t hide anything with them. Here hike messenger has an excellent feature which you can hide any specific conversation without deleting chat.

I tried this and felt happy with that because there is no need of deleting total conversation if you don’t like to show those chats when someone opens your Hike messenger app. Below I have given step by step procedure of how to hide Hike chats in detailed.

How to Hide Hike Chats

Live Demo

  • Open hike app on your device
  • Choose any chat or conversation and then give long press on it
  • Choose hide chat option from the menu
  • Enter your hike pin code or hidden password code of account

Now that conversation will be in hide mode so no one can see even they are on your Hike messenger. Like this you can hide anyone’s chat from your Hike Messenger app.

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