How to change Language in Hike

You will get one default language once you downloaded and installed hike messenger app on your device. There is an option to change language to get it in your preferred languages. We can see that few devices will get default language as current device language I mean phone language. If your device in English hike app language will come as English.

change language in hike

Everyone will get clear understand if they make changes in app language to their mother tongues. They can operate even if they don’t know English by seeing options and all in their known languages. Go through below steps and screen shots or live demo to know how to change language on Hike messenger.

How to change language in Hike

Live Demo


  • Open Hike app on your device
  • Click on profile button that you can see right bottom corner on your screen
  • Click on settings icon
  • Go through language
  • Open app language
  • Choose your preferred language

Go back and check options and content on hike is coming in your selected language or not. Like this you can change Hike language at any time.

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