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How to check stories on Hike

how to check someone stories on hike

How to see Hike stories of Your Contacts

Present days, stories are playing a vital role on every messenger app like whatsapp, hike, snapchat and facebook etc. there is different layouts for one app to other to show their design level to its customers. I am going to show you about how to see your friends stories in Hike messenger app.

Hike Tips and Tricks

There is no option for status to display all friends stories like given in facebook and whatsapp messengers. People are confusing when they are trying to search for stories on Hike mobile app. here we go through steps and screen shots to get an idea about where we can see hike stories of friends or your contacts.

How to view someone story on Hike

Live Demo

  • Open app on your device
  • Click on web or circle Icon from hike home screen

how to check hike stories

  • Click on 3 horizontal line menu icon to view your stories and your friends

how to see my stories on hike

Here you can see list of stories who recently updated with images or text status. You can come up with any further queries regarding this topic