How to Hide Hike Stories from someone

We upload many stories per day and there is an option to publish multiple stories on Hike messenger App. everyone can view your hike stories who have added you on their contacts and they are in your contacts also. Sometimes we may have some specific people who are not interested to you to see your stories only.

hide hike stories from someone on hike

We can stop anyone from your contacts to view your hike stories but they can see rest of things like status and profile etc. You should block your friends to stop getting all on hike like calls, chat, stories etc. I have given in previous article about how to block someone on Hike. Now go through below steps to know how to hide hike stories form specific person.

How to hide Stories from Hike Contacts

  • Open app on your device
  • Click on Me (profile) button
  • Cick on settings Icon that you can see top right corner on your screen
  • Open privacy from the options
  • Go through Timeline and Stories 
  • Choose friend and click add to stop seeing your stories and timeline

Like this you can block people from seeing your hike stories and your timeline instead of blocking total contact. You can remove from the hide stories from friends list to allow them to watch your hike stories in future.

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